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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

HBOT It's simply breathing 100% medical oxygen and that's under pressure higher than the atmospheric pressure in medical hyperbaric chambers specially designed for this type of treatment.

 Oxygen is delivered to the patients inside the chamber through special masks. The number of sessions, pressure and duration of each session are determined depending on age and case of the patient.


In normal conditions oxygen is transmitted through the blood circulation to every tissue and cell of the body

When a person breathes oxygen under pressure, oxygen starts to dissolve in plasma and tissue fluids, till it comes to the point that it can reach every tissue and cell without the need of blood vessels which maintains the viability of cells and helps to repair injured cells even if the blood vessel is cut or blocked in different percentages.

In addition to that oxygen under pressure is considered to be an important factor in healing of wounds, ulcers and fractures as it helps in faster and better healing.

It decreases bacterial contamination as it is stimulant for white blood cells which is responsible to resist microbial infections. Oxygen under pressure can kill some kinds of microbes; it can also help in generation of new blood capillaries in tissues which has blood vessels deficiency.

Oxygen is not a drug nor has side effects especially in hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) protocols. It helps in fastening the cure of several diseases and injuries together with the traditional medical and surgical ways of treatment. It increases the viability of body tissues, tissue healing and the different vital processes of the body cells.


During compressing the hyperbaric chamber temperature rises, that's why the chamber is supplied with air conditioning system to decrease the feeling of heat..

Air entry to compress the hyperbaric chamber is noisy, that's why the chamber is supplied with air mufflers to reduce the noise.

Pressure itself doesn’t affect human body or causes any pain. It might happen to some people to feel the increase of pressure on their middle ears (similar to landing in an airplane); this could be avoided by instructing the patients how to equalize the pressure on their ears and by controlling the rate of chamber compression to slow it when needed to make ear equalization easier.


Things prohibited to be used inside of the chamber

  • All types of matches and lighters
  • Mobile phones or any electronic devices
  • Kids’ electronic toys
  • Contact lenses, hearing devices and pacemakers
  • Nylon clothes
  • Non water resistant watches
  • Alcoholic substances and dry batteries Air fresheners, ink pens and chemical cleansers


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